Excellent Opportunities with PMC Bank, Mumbai

Banking in India is still evolving and is yet to match the levels of the Goldman Sachs and JP Morgans of the world. But the banks in India provide something that is unique to the Indian culture and tradition. The ease and convenience of the customers is one of the primary motives of Indian banks, especially the smaller ones.

With this motto on its thought PMC bank was established on February 13, 1984. Along with providing great customer service to its clients the bank has been making rapid strides in terms of development. Within 16 years of getting established the bank achieved Scheduled Status on January 29, 2000. Along with it another feather was added to its, when it became the youngest Co-operative Bank to achieve the status.

The financial highlights of the PMC Bank also show a lot of promise. The total deposit with the bank as of on September 2011 was Rs. 2884.33 crores and the bank has a Net Non-performing Assets to the tune of a measly 0.45%.

PMC Bank has been a recipient of numerous prestigious awards in the banking industry. Some of the prizes in the list are “FIRST prize as Best Bank for the year 2001-02, amongst Urban Co-operative Banks in Mumbai region”, “Felicitation by the ‘All India Bank Depositor’s Association, Mumbai”, “winning FIRST rank for nine years in succession, amongst the Urban Co-operative Banks in mumbai Region” and many others.

If you want to be part of this growth story and make a career in the banking industry, you can apply online at the official website of PMC bank. The link to the application page is http://www.pmcbank.com/english/OnlineApp.aspx

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